A downloadable asset pack

Contains 13 low poly chess props as raw .dae (Collada):
- Chess Board
- Rook (Black)
- Rook (White)
- Pawn (Black)
- Pawn (White)
- Knight (Black)
- Knight (White)
- Bishop (Black)
- Bishop (White)
- Queen (Black)
- Queen (White)
- King (Black)
- King (White)

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(2 total ratings)
AuthorBroken Vector
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Chess, Low-poly, Unity


LowPolyChessPack.blend 1,004 kB
Models.zip 87 kB
Textures.zip 329 bytes

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Is there a license for this? I would like to use it for a quick, free, open source chess-related project.

Found a page saying that you are allowed to use the packs in your own commercial products, so I will go ahead. If this is a mistake please let me know!

What are the differences between the white and black pieces? As they have a small difference in vert count, but the same number of tris, and are turned slightly differently. Other than that I couldn't find any difference. Are there other differences?