A downloadable asset pack

Contains 61 low poly road tiles and two cars as .dae (Collada) mesh files.

Includes two different colorschemes (as materials) which can be applied to every car (read more about custom color schemes).
All road tiles are tileable.
Also includes a demo scene with a mountain and a few houses.

Road Types:
- Highway
- Parkinglot
- Freeway
- Road
- Single Lain
- Tunnel

Works great with FastGrid: A simple tool to place your objects aligned to a grid.

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Only the models listed above are included! The vegetation and terrain of the screenshots are not included.

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AuthorBroken Vector
Made withUnity
Tags3D, gameasset, gamedev, hd, hq, Low-poly, road, Unity


Low Poly Road Pack.blend 3 MB
Models.zip 721 kB
Textures.zip 980 bytes


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pls for unreal engine 4.27!

FYI your Unity Asset Store links (under “Featured Assets”) appear to be broken as of 6/8/21.