A downloadable asset pack

Contains 35 low poly stylized storage models and 5 different color palettes as ready-to-use prefabs.

Each color can be customized as you want (read more about custom colorschemes).

Now with custom shaders, optimized for low poly models!

Color Palettes:
- Blue
- Green
- Purple
- Red
- Yellow

Types and Variations:
- Bag x2
- Cabinet x4
- Container x2
- Crate x2
- Electric Box x2
- Barrel x4
- Basket x2
- Box x2
- EUR Pallet
- Garbage Can
- Giftbox x3
- Locker
- Amp Rack x2
- Storage Rack x2
- Suitcase x2
- Trashcan x2
- Treasure Chest

- PBR Diffuse
- PBR Metal
- Unlit
These materials use custom shaders (included), which are optimized for low poly models. All models work just fine with Unity's default and other shaders.

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AuthorBroken Vector
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, Blender, Low-poly, storage, Unity


Models.zip 189 kB
Palettes.zip 2 kB

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I am using Unreal and Godot

Is this only compatible with Unity?