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Low Poly Survival Character

Contains one low poly stylized survival character. Hair, beard and eyebrow styles are customizable by enabling different parts of the model.
Each color can be customized as you want (read more about custom colorschemes).


This character contains 30 different animations:

  • Chopping 1-handed
  • Chopping 2-handed
  • Crouching
  • Crouching Walk
  • Dance
  • Drinking
  • Dying of Starvation
  • Eating
  • Falling
  • Fist Combat (Dodging, Dying, Punching Left, Punching Right)
  • Grip (Left, Right)
  • Idle
  • Interact (Crouching, Standing)
  • Jogg
  • Jump
  • Landing
  • Mining
  • Resting
  • Run
  • T-pose
  • Taking Damage
  • Tracking
  • Walk

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Broken Vector develops software, games and game assets. We specialized on Low Poly Stylized game assets. Read more about our assets

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Seems too expensive even at 7.45 USD. Maybe try lowering the price? Just some tips, I only work on 2D games so I don't know the market for these, But I would pay 6 USD at most.